Does Rustoleum enamel need primer? – Cool Spray Paint Art Easy

The primer is only needed by the polyurethane or acrylic coated surfaces. Rustoleum enamel can be polished using a soft, microfine abrasive (not steel wool) or a buffing wheel to produce a smooth finish. Rustoleum enamel cannot be painted to a gloss or polished. The only way to polish Rustoleum enamel enamel is with steel wool or a buffing wheel. Rustoleum enamel does not require top coat/clear coat, as the paint is held in place with the lacquer. This means that the only time you would do metal detailing is when the paint is completely dry to the touch and any top coat or clear coat is applied if you have a very high paint level (like 100%). You could also apply a metal gloss like Poler or Gloss Black or any other metal finish in a way that the surface would not be visible under the paint, but the rustoleum would not appear like a silver plate.

Which Rustoleum enamel colors are available?

Rustoleum enamel enamel color is sold by the specific color number. In the catalog the Color Codes are shown below as:

Blue – No color code

Brown – No color code

Brown Enamel Enamel White Brown

Brown Enamel Enamel Blue

Green – No color code

Yellow – No color code

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Yellow Enamel Enamel White

Yellow Enamel Enamel Blue Brown Yellow Blue

Red – No color code

Red Enamel Enamel White

Purple – No color code

Purple Enamel Enamel White

Please refer to our Enamel Color Chart for a listing of specific colors and availability.

What is the difference between Rustoleum enamel enamel enamel primer and rustoleum enamel enamel primer top coat?

Our enamel colors are not sold as enamel top coat or top coat and we do not recommend using them in this application. All our enamel colors are sold as enamel top coat and top coat. As shown in the images below; a standard top coat, top coat primer or top coat enamel will not completely cover rustoleum enamel enamel. A standard top coat will not touch the enamel in any way and should remove any marks that your paint may have left from the paint primer and your paint primer will not affect the enamel like a top coat would. For an accurate coverage application with a standard

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