Can fabric be painted? – Spray Paint Stencil Art Tutorial

You don’t have to! You can paint fabric from the factory, a variety of companies do this today, or use a paint shop fabric painter to do a custom job.

Will I need to keep my fabric clean? Can I change the color?

No, you can not “change” your fabric colors. You can paint the fabric whenever you like, but the fabric must remain fresh and not wash for too long!

What about weather? How is my fabric treated? Can I add weathering to the fabric?

Your fabric will need to be cared for, but not weathered. Weathering is the process of adding natural color and texture after a dyeing process has taken place. You can add weathering to a fabric, but not weather it so the color or texture is washed out.

Do I need to add other color? Can I change the colors of the fabrics?

This is a very flexible question. Although you can add colors, you cannot simply “change” the color of the fabric. You can paint a fabric or even use a fabric painter to do a custom job, but the colors must remain fresh and the fabric must not be washed for too long!

How can I get a specific color. What is recommended for my fabric?

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This is a very flexible question. For most commercial fabric, manufacturers will choose from a variety of colors to match a particular company theme. The color chosen is determined by a panel of experts who make custom color recommendations for a variety of fabrics based upon their color choice. Some companies may offer one uniform color, other colors may be limited.

I am interested in a specific kind of fabric, how do I find out?

This is a very flexible question. Some suppliers will tell you which fabric you are looking for, or you can take it to the manufacturer to find out the fabric will fit your specific needs.

If I need to take care of my fabric can I do so?

Yes, you can take care of your fabric without paying a lot of money for a professional fabric care. With time and care, most fabrics will last a significant amount of time and the color and texture should last for generations of garments!

Are the fabrics water-soluble?

All canvas and silk materials can be washed in the washing machine in any water. If the fabric has to be stored in a dryer, this can cause some fabric to lose its integrity. When you go to

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