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This is the question we asked ourselves when we made a list of the top 30 female pole dance dancers in the world. Read on to find out who is #1 and the first woman in 50 years to land on the all-time top list.

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The best female pole dancers of all time are some of the most decorated, celebrated and talented dancers of all time. Not only are they the best pole dancers, with their incredible athleticism, they are also the greatest pole dancers of all time.

This video shows the top 3 best female pole dancers ever, and some of the reasons why our top female pole dancers have always been so dominant in our sport.

The top 3 female pole dancers of all time:

1. Marina Visconti

Marina Visconti is the first female to ever win the World Championships Pole Dance Association Championships. Her feat of 3-time world record placing is also the greatest feat in pole dance history. Visconti began her pole dancing career back in 1975.

2. Jessica Robson

It was Robson who first broke down the glass ceiling for women in pole dance, as she became the first pole dancer to ever be invited by the National Olympic Committee. With Robson, the US team went down to 3rd place in the all-around world all-time pole finals. In 1996, she won 3 World Championship titles in 1 event, and 1 in 2 events. Jessica is considered the greatest female pole dancer in history. Read More

3. Natalia Ovechkin

Natalia Ovi has become the greatest female pole dancer in history, winning four Olympic gold medals, the world championship in pole dance, and a world cup double. Since winning her first pole dance championship in 1988, Natalia has won over 80 world championship titles and 2 Olympic gold medals. In 2007, she won another world cup double in the all-around finals.

More Female Pole Dancers

1. Nina Agunathan

Nina Agunathan is one of the greatest African-American pole dancers of all time, and one of women’s sport’s most talented. Agunathan is the oldest female to ever win the World Championships Pole Dance Association Championships. Agunathan has won 3 worlds, as well as a number of all-around World Championship titles. Agunathan is one of the most decorated female pole dancers in history

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