How much does a dance pole cost? – Indian Pole Gymnastics

A single dancing pole is sold for around $50, while a single wall dance pole can sell for $50 or more.

How to buy a wall dance pole?

The best way to determine which pole will be a good fit for your home is to ask. Many pole owners will choose a pole on Craigslist simply for this reason. If you are unsure about any of the details – you can always find a local pole owner and get some help to get a pole in your home that meets your exacting standards!

When do pole-buyers like myself get our poles?

One common question, I often receive, is “How much should I expect to pay before I get my poles?”

My personal estimate, based upon a pole that I have and a couple of poles I have previously owned, is that you’ll pay between $75 and $100 for a pole over a 2 foot diameter and 4 feet length. For this price, I’d expect a 4 foot pole to last for 2-3 years. For this price, a pole would be expected to last over a 4 year period. However, I know with the rapid increase in pole prices, some folks will simply take their poles for free! For that reason, you may find the costs higher once you have the pole in the home! Be extra careful to see how long your poles last! My poles have lasted over 4 years, however you should do the price match first.

The best way to determine the price of your home poles and decide if you will be able to afford it is to start by finding a pole-fitter. Ask them a few questions to evaluate the pole’s value (ie: what is its current age?) and the length and diameter. For example, let’s say that I purchase a pole at 40% of its expected lifetime value, for $200 – my estimate is that I should be able to pay off my pole within the first year!

Then, when you can afford the cost, decide if you want to have an ironwork ceiling or carpet covering placed on top of the pole (ie: for a 2 foot pole, the cost for the ironwork will be around $30). Also, the quality of the pole you decide to purchase will determine whether it is a floor or ceiling piece. An inexpensive floor cover would only last 30% of the length of the pole while a very high quality ceiling piece will last more than 90% of the pole’s expected lifetime value. So, I’d

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