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Is it even legal? Are there legalities that must be followed? In this article, we address all these questions. We will first review pole dancing etiquette, then we will look into different types of pole dancing to help you determine what type of pole dancing you should pursue. I hope it will help you out.

What Is Pole Dancing?

The word ‘pole’ comes from the Latin word ‘palladium’, which translates to “pole, pole stand”. Because of the name of the sport, pole dancing, a lot of people associate it with traditional, rural European cultures, where the ‘pole’ represents strength and strength is essential in life.

Some cultures around the world have their own unique styles and dances that they hold dear and use with great pride. While some cultures have their traditions and dances that they still hold dear, a lot of them tend to be modern (and even some American) in style.

In order to better understand what ‘pole dance’ truly is, we will need to go back a bit further. In order to understand what pole dancing is best viewed in the context to its origins, a little background knowledge will be helpful. The United States government classifies pole dancing under the ‘domestic arts’ category. The ‘domestic arts’ are a group of arts, including dance, theater, music, architecture, art, photography, photography (not necessarily including the film and/or video business), and other visual arts, that require some level of federal assistance (for public education). They do not include gymnastics, which would make it less well-known than some American-Indian dance traditions.

Since the US government classifies pole dancing under the domestic arts category without any special exemptions, American pole dancers (known as PFDs) are required to provide training as part of their application for PFD status. Once they do, then their formal training begins. Their PFD status can result in the need for their PFDs to be trained at least weekly. They will need to pass the American PFD Standards test three times before they earn their “certificate”. At this time, the PFDs can be classified under several specializations, depending on how specific their skills and abilities are. A PFD can be classed as a PFD Professional, PFD Basic, PFD Advanced, or PFD Amateur. PFD (and/or PFD Professional) is the more highly competitive classification.

Once the PFD is approved, then the P

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