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One of the many ways to do the dance is to use this list as a starting point when planning your pole practice. Some dancers find that there are certain patterns of moves that they feel comfortable in and don’t feel like they need to be pushed at the beginning or at the end. Others like to push the pole a bit, but not nearly as hard as they might feel like at first, just enough to build up some strength.

As mentioned before, it’s a pretty good idea to get a little over your limit, otherwise you’ll eventually go “okay, why do I have to push?” and the whole thing becomes a chore. In order to get your body used to it, you should be moving as fast into it as possible from the base when you practice. Then, gradually, back out to about an arm’s length to build on what you’re comfortable with.

Are there limits to how much weight you can carry during pole dancing?
Intermediate Pole Dance Moves

Absolutely. You can get pretty ridiculous with a full weight. We do not recommend wearing clothes that are too big or too short, and we do not recommend wearing shoes larger than 2.5″.

Once again, it’s a good idea to get over this as quickly as possible, otherwise it can become a chore. We do not recommend doing any “pole weight” exercises for a few reasons: 1) as a general rule, it is very hard on your back and joints and in many cases has the potential to cause injury, 2) it takes a lot of effort to get used to a heavy pole, especially if you are trying to build some speed; and 3) you should never do a pole routine that is too heavy for you to handle. Again, make sure you are not too far from your base to be able to practice the routine without breaking into a sweat.

What do I do when I’m feeling tired?

If you usually are a very tired person, it may take a while for your body to get ready for practice. Also, before you get to the pole you will want to rest a bit, because you are going to want to get back as fast as possible afterwards.

For this dance that you have just done, which started off very easily and quickly, give yourself about two hours between sets.

How can I be a good coach?

Being good at pole dancing is a learning experience. You will need to learn all of these skills over time in order to get good at

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