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Some athletes use the floor or a chair rather than running poles in this exercise because they find it easier on their arms. There are few studies on body position during this exercise.

This may have something to do with the muscles being used, and the fact that it’s the same for both arms.

Why do so many people choose a high stance, then run a low-arching, then use the same leg?

This is a great question, perhaps one that has not been touched upon enough!

The low knee allows the knees to be in the perfect position for these two exercises, making the most of the stretch. However, if the front of the thigh is slightly bent with the knee bent a little bit more than the rest, then the leg is in a slightly different position. These slight differences in positions can make a big difference in your running form.

How do they work?

This is where running form is a critical part of what makes this muscle complex so effective. This stretch is the same as what you get in all low-arching exercises – an intense, intense contraction (which can be as hard as possible or as easy as possible).

The primary muscles are:

The adductor magnus

The rectus femoris

The semitendinosus

If you can run with all of them activated, then you know how to run very, very slowly. But don’t just assume this – be as specific as possible.

Why should these muscles be used for running?

Most people in training are pretty good with the quadriceps and the hamstrings, and yet the glutes have not got much love. You cannot move efficiently and powerfully with just these two muscles alone.

As runners, we all struggle to run correctly. There are a few fundamental issues which can make running too heavy. The muscles in your feet can become stiff and sore if you run with them in an improper way. A bad ankle or knee, or tight and injured calves can make running more difficult and painful.

So how do we run properly?

The main issues with the glutes are the opposite: tightness with the calf, a strong, active backside and a great hip hinge.

To solve these things we need to strengthen the leg muscles first. It can often seem easier to work on the calf, hamstring and ankle problems than the glutes. The reason can be that these muscles are already strong and

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