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A dancing pole costs £7.60 depending on where you go – and I don’t use mine! I do have two, and I’d be quite surprised if these didn’t end up costing a lot more than £25.

So how much will a dance pole cost today?

Well, just a guess, but I’ll give you my estimate based on a £6.30 one bought 30 years ago, the kind that was sold via Sotheby’s. (The model was recently put up for sale – here’s another version). This means £11 on each pole.

However, it’s not impossible that the price might go up because of inflation (it has… twice in the last decade). So… let’s say there is a 7% inflation in the UK in the next 10 years.

That adds £5 – £5.30 to the price per pole. Add two on top, and that brings the total to £16.80.

The price is now cheaper than you could buy a car, even though you don’t go dancing.

How often do I do it?

This is my personal story: I do it once a day. I don’t do it more often, but the last time I went it was to watch some TV. I know that you might just say, “You should be a fitness fanatic”… no, I would always say, “I’d like to do more regularly.”

For a couple of months, I really enjoy going to this and I’ve found that I use it a lot. I do my exercises for the pole from the sofa (it’s perfect if you can sit on a sofa for the two hours per day). I can’t use any kind of fitness clothes (I’m a bit short) so I make myself sweat a lot – which results in a lot of sweat. My boyfriend (and occasional dance partner) can only hold my hand for 30 seconds before my arm starts to hurt.

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My arm goes through so many motions in that time, it looks like a circus bear. It’s also very uncomfortable, which in turn makes me work out.

What do you need to get your pole working?

I’ve looked around for different products, but none of them seem to give me the results I want.

In case you think there’s another company you’ve heard of that says it can help… the only thing that works for you is getting good at dancing. There

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