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The current limit for pole dancing is 15 kilograms. If you’re a girl who’s 15, you’re allowed 15kg but if a guy who’s 15 is at pole dancing, you’re allowed 10kg.

Is pole dancing illegal in China?

No. It’s illegal under Chinese law.

What should the women wear at pole dancing competitions?

Chinese girls are required to wear their underwear on top of their underwear and they’re allowed only white briefs. You can’t wear any other kind of underwear because a guy walking on top of a girl’s underwear could end up falling off.

What time do the girls receive pole dancing lessons?

This depends on how much time they’ve got on their hands, because they have to learn the steps for a whole night. In a lot of cases it can be done a day after they are supposed to receive the lessons because if they’re not doing the pole dancing right at the moment they can’t know how to do it right away.

How long do girls spend at pole dancing competitions?

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It depends on how good you are at it. In a couple of years, people will be looking for a girl who’s been competing in more local competitions in different cities.

Do young Chinese girls choose to become pole dancers because they want to be famous?

No. People want to be famous and it’s quite hard to find a girl who can do something really well. It does come down to individual qualities and talent.

Do Chinese girls practice pole dancing before they go to school?

Many Chinese girls practice pole dancing before they go to school because it’s a great way to get used to standing in front of a camera and performing.

Why do Chinese girls seem more interested in pole dancing than other nationalities?

It’s not just Chinese girls who are interested in pole dancing, but it tends to be popular among local girls who don’t get too far away from home.

What can Chinese people do to protect themselves from pole dancing?

One of the first thing you should do that helps is find a good person who can teach you the proper techniques. It also helps to be really cautious. I was at a competition and several Chinese people saw a young girl coming towards them and asked her what she was doing there. One of the judges said, “This isn’t pole dancing, it’s going to get you expelled” and they were all sent to the ground. You’ve got to

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