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How does this affect both the overall skills you and your partner have and also your partner’s dance skills? If you are looking for more advice, do check out the other tutorials in the class, as this article is just getting started on pole dancing, there is so much going on, but so, so much more to learn. A good instructor will help you learn to improve your own dancing.

Pole Dancing with a Team

Pole dancing is different from most dance that involves two people dancing, since it requires both partners to coordinate their moves very well and in unison. You will be creating great dancing in any environment, and it can actually be as fun to do in front of friends or family as it is to go out dancing. In addition to improving your skills, you will be a huge addition to your team, as there will be a greater variety of skills as your partner and you work together.

When can you do pole dancing?

Whether you’re in school, home, or on your own, you can still learn more about pole dancing and all its intricacies by exploring our classes and other resources. A great place to start is the Getting Started section of the site. We will be covering a variety of tips and resources for those first few lessons, and more tutorials will come in the future.

Pole Dance Workout for Beginners - YouTube
Pole Dancing with an Instructor?

If you have an instructor or partner, the challenge is to go through a pole dance class and not get lost. If you don’t, you will not be able to progress at your own pace and will be frustrated in a big way. Having an instructor is a fantastic help since it will get you through the learning curve, as well as teach the moves and concepts. We also feature videos for each class so that you have the same video to watch, regardless of when classes are offered and when you come to practice it.

Want to get started today?

This guide was written with pole dancing beginner in mind. It is still written with the expectation that more experience, knowledge, or skills are necessary for you to truly excel in pole dancing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our student care staff.

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