Is pole dancing the same as stripping? – Bachelorette Pole Dancing Classes Chicago

Yes, pole dancers are always going to be judged by their performance on the dance floor.

Do I have to have a pole in order to dance? What about some non pole dancers?

Yes, pole dancing is a no-no and is best done at home with a partner or at a dance studio or club.

Do I need to do the pole part if I’m doing the stand-up part?

Absolutely not. The pole dance part is always optional.

Can I perform at multiple venues without performing with a partner/a partner at venues I won’t be at?

This is possible. If you’re performing at multiple venues you can only perform at one venue per performance.

Can I perform at parties without being with a partner? Yes.

Can I perform at a private party with just me?

No. The best way to perform at private events is at a private dance studio. When performing on the dance floor you never lose your spot and you don’t have to give up your spot to anyone else.

How do I get a pole?

Every pole needs to be inspected first to make sure it’s sturdy, smooth and free of any hidden nails. They want to know if it’s been properly weighted and the top half is also clean for the pole dance parts. The poles can’t be used if they’re not clean or balanced. The front pole has two extra holes in the top of the pole. The pole needs two feet to be used as well.

What can I charge?

There are no charged services for pole dancers. The only fee the pole dancer gets are fees at the club, which is also covered.

Do I need two poles?


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Do you have to wait for a pole dancer during a pole dance?

Yes, at all times. Most pole dance venues are booked out for months in advance. A pole dancer needs to attend the pole dance in order to perform for a minimum of 4 hours. Pole dancer performances are booked for 3 months.

Pole dancing is not a safe activity for people of all ages. If the pole dancing is going to affect your health you can call the Health & Safety Division to have it reviewed.

I’m new to pole dancing do I get any special treatment?
14 pole dance moves you simply have to know (updated ...

Yes, pole dancing is an art form which requires a great degree

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