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The average pole price is $1,100, according this calculator by the National Pole Carving Association. That’s $1,100 for the entire piece of wood.

Dance pole prices vary, depending on where you live. Dancers say they have to get creative about price to keep their cost down.

Dancers pay cash for pole rental. You can use a credit card but you need to bring the money down to no more than $5 a month to avoid interest.

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A recent study has found that people who engage in Internet searches while drunk are more likely to get drunk and, after drinking, have more difficulty dealing with real problems like work, school, and other responsibilities that would have prevented them from the Internet.

In the study, psychologists at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. analyzed more than 100,000 search terms and a separate questionnaire on factors they believe affect drunkenness, which is defined as consuming alcohol after consuming more than five drinks of any kind within 24 hours. The researchers also found no relation between the search terms and alcohol use.

“There is a strong link between Internet searches during early morning hours and problems with work and relationships,” the researchers write in the study. “Our results suggest the use of the internet at these times is a distraction from alcohol misuse and that such distraction may make problematic drinking behaviours more likely.”

The researchers write that the effect of Internet searches has to do not only with the amount of time people spend on the Web; the level of intoxication is also directly related with how much the person spends on the Internet. The higher the level of intoxication, the more quickly people find and use Internet search terms.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, used Google search data to assess Internet use during the day and night. Researchers compared people who searched the Internet or Twitter during their daily hours, between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. The first day, they found two categories of people who reported having had Internet searches within the previous 24 hours, and the second was a group of people that only searched at night. Then, the researchers used a similar data-analysis framework to study the second category. They found that there was little relationship between the volume of Internet searches and how much people spent on those sites.

The researchers then compared the findings of the two groups of people. They found that the

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