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Is there anything you’ve done recently that has been particularly effective?

I’ve been making and performing in the music video series of Nacho Libre in recent weeks and I’ve been to the USA, Greece and Turkey on my travels. Having said all of that, I did end up in the UK a few weeks ago for a few days of training. There I met the choreographer, David McTernan, and as well as having an amazing time, I had the luxury of not having an “old boy” mentality regarding pole dancing and getting back to basics in my training.

Why does pole dancing seem more accepted than ever in the public eye? Does pole dancing have a big role in politics?

The way the establishment views pole dancing is quite surprising – it’s one of the most popular cultural traditions in the world, yet there still seems to be a bit of a taboo about the dance and a general attitude of “people are allowed to do what they like as long as it suits themselves”. The dance is so popular and the art so popular, yet the media almost does not see it a “political” art.

What can audiences expect from the pole dance scene in the future? Is there anywhere you’re waiting to perform?

We’ve been working for 3 days straight in advance of our first performance on April 17th at Club Kino! The next performance is April 29th at Club Le Pékin and in between there’ll be a free festival in Nantes, the first of many!

The only thing I’m afraid of is that I may be over the moon at one point in time. At other times I’d rather just lie on my comfy bed and never see the pole again…

What did the Founding Fathers know about money in their day?

One of the first things they said about money was “that it is the storehouse [of economic activity] that has the greatest tendency to raise prices;” and the next thing they told us was “that money has no such tendency.” They said the same thing about money, in an even subtler way, by saying that all money is just money. They did not know the origin of money, or of what caused inflation, as long as they were alive – but they knew that all other things being equal, we would not be able to get enough money without increasing prices, and without spending it. So they had some ideas about what to do about it, when they made this statement: “That money and

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