How difficult is pole dancing? – Pole Dance Competition 2020 Schedule Se

We’d all like to think we’re pretty tough when it comes to dancing. I’ve seen people get kicked out of pole dancing clubs if they dance too much. But if you’re in a club with lots of dancing going on, you can start to feel a little weak. But I’m happy every time I start dancing in a pole dance club (for my birthday last month, that is). For me, I think pole dancing is the ideal sport for beginners because it’s challenging, not too stressful and you can get more satisfaction out of the experience.

What do you like most about pole dancing?

Dance is a great stress reliever. As soon as you start dancing in a club, you find out that it becomes a competition to get the biggest dance moves. It’s not just about looking good – pole is all about being confident. The more confident you are, the more you stand out from the dancing crowd. I love getting physical with people (sometimes when they’re busy dancing). I like getting involved with people in order to bond. I get excited about the competition and excitement about it.

What’s your favourite pole and dancer in Singapore?

I don’t have a favourite dance or pole dancer in Singapore – I dance to feel good, not to please anyone else. If you’re good, you can be in a pole dance club. If you’re not good, you should wait for the next person who really wants you to do what it takes to get your dance moves recognized. I love the feeling of being in a club as a beginner, where all the dancers are very friendly and easygoing. But as beginners, I get nervous a lot and I like to feel safe and comfortable. When I don’t dance well, I feel embarrassed and embarrassed about how I’m dancing. So that helps me move on.

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