Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – How Old Is Sarah Jade Pole Dancer Height

I think that if a person knows he needs to take his time to get the pole right then he will do that. A lot of people think that pole is tough or that you have to move a lot in order to pole dance and that is not true to true.

How did you get involved in pole dancing?

I grew up in the dance style of Kandi, my favorite artist and her dance style is very similar to my own dance style. I was attracted to the Kandi style because I believe that women can get all that they ask for if they just keep practicing and studying and making themselves a better dancer. Kandi really pushed me to practice and practice and practice and practice all of my classes. I went from learning Kandi to getting into pole dancing at the age of thirteen.

There are people who say that pole dancers should have more talent or that you should work harder because pole dancing is just more difficult.

I believe pole dancing is challenging but that is what makes it so special, because you can take off your clothes and you can move fast. The pole dance community teaches us that it is all about what we do and who we are.

Do you feel that the dancers are too much of an enabler for themselves?

No, because that is why we are all here on this stage and we are not the only ones doing it. I think the reason we are here and why the pole community is where it is is because we are a group of people who understand how to make this an attractive lifestyle. I have many friends in the community who still don’t enjoy pole, despite the fact that everyone has different body types, height and weight. The way to create the most attraction is to show that body type or shape is attractive. We all know that if you get the pole right you will make friends, make yourself happy and dance your heart out, whatever your height is, whatever your age, whatever you are feeling at the time and any of these things will help.

Would you ever consider moving into some of the adult dance venues like dance clubs or bars and doing a few moves like a dancer?

It seems to work for me and it seems to work so well that I would love to give pole a chance, like I said there are many reasons why it is a good thing. The whole thing that makes dancing in a pole so compelling is that once you are in it it’s like nothing you have ever done before. Everything you do

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