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How come I can’t dance any more when someone tries to dance with me?

How can I deal with the fact that “everyone is my own master” and that’s not a problem?

How do I deal with the fact that I’ll get bored with “everybody’s” dances after a while?

How can I deal with the fact that every person I see “thinks” I’m some kind of god with all the power and magic I have? Or “I’m so strong I can be like God”! I know people don’t want to hear about that, but what can I say? I am really strong, even I can be like that sometimes!

How do i find a dance that appeals to me? I like when some people walk around with their heads down, they think there’s nothing there. But I like seeing people dancing!

How do i find one of those magic dance schools that has “a” dance that i can “learn”? Or maybe even someone that’s like my coach or favorite “friend”?

How do i find the ones that have the “right” teachers?

How do i not get annoyed by the way people make fun of me and how they treat others? Or when they think I’m nothing and “no one pays attention”

Hip Hop Dance Tutorial - Hip Hop Combo Lesson Part 1 - YouTube
How do i find a dance that makes me proud to walk, to use my whole body, to smile and talk and laugh? That makes me feel “strong”. That makes me feel “comfortable” in my body.

How do I find the people who treat me like a “real” person?!

How do I know that my body “feels” like a real one? I don’t have those “superpowers” that every “real” person has, i have all right, but still, not everyone feels “comfortable” in their body.

How do I find people to dance with (or like) that have the courage to go up against the world and show me that “there are others like them” who are stronger than me and that “you can do it too”!

How do I learn a better dance form from someone who has the experience and the “right” teachers?

How do I find a dance style that works better for me? Why can’t I just do my “own” “style”, i’m more than fit now to learn my own “style”?

Which moves are better or ”

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