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We were surprised… and, in a way, honored… we asked the best photographer in the state.

When we asked our readers to submit your favorite photography prints to be featured in the column in the hopes of creating a discussion, we were met with some very interesting responses.

The responses were:

“My mom’s photo… was my favorite”

“A picture of my grandmother is in my photo”

“The photo of my mom is my favorite”

“My mom’s photo… is one of my favorites”

“My cousin’s photo is one of my favorites”

These responses may help show the differences between good photography and great photography. But they fail to take into account the fact that great photography is not only rare. It does not happen on a regular basis.

The photo above and below is what we considered great photography. Each of these two photographs, taken by the same person of a similar age, is not just a photograph of a great moment. It is a great snapshot of a moment that has meaning, an event that is memorable.

Both photographs reveal a great memory.

These two photos of my brother’s wedding in 2013 were the best of the best. The fact that my brother and I shared the same wedding photographer speaks volumes to the fact that my brother could not choose a photographer who wasn’t his type. No matter what type of photographer you are, someone knows which lens to use. In fact, there are a few types of photographers who do not have a specific style but know just what to do with the light.

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This photo of this photo is amazing.

My husband and I were looking for a wedding photographer who would be a good choice from day one. We couldn’t understand why any photographer would work with us.

The wedding photographer told us he was there at the wedding, but he doesn’t make these photos anymore.

He didn’t even take a picture of someone during the festivities.

This is our best photo.

Many of our best photos have been a reflection of our friends, our family and our wedding guest. These are moments of beauty shared with the world and a memory that will live with us forever.

The photographer that captured this photo was from St. Petersberg, Sweden. He knows how to capture the color, contrast and atmosphere of photos.

When I first came to Los Angeles I found myself in Los Angeles with a camera as my best

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