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For more details on the value of your image, we suggest consulting our articles on the topic:

Do a quick search for your image in our Image Pricing Resource to find out the cost and average cost of each image.

What’s the current value of my image?

The current value of your image is based on the image size (in pixels) and is shown in the thumbnail of your uploaded image. We recommend that you take a couple of quick screenshots of your file and use image comparison tool to discover your image’s current value.

We have also created a great interactive image comparison tool that can show you the approximate current value of your image.

Check out the Image Comparison Tool to figure out the current value of your photo.

How much do pay for images?

We pay an hourly rate to to host and process your images, which covers bandwidth costs, domain registration fees, webhost and server hosting costs, and advertising. We pay for a specific amount of time with the goal of delivering quality, professional imagery within 30 days if your images meet all of our quality requirements.

How much do charge for web hosting? charges for webhosting because it is necessary to keep your website up and running. When images are hosted by, we do not pay any kind of fee, such as a one-time fee, a monthly fee, a year’s cost, etc. We only pay for bandwidth costs. We consider every potential cost and try to avoid these types of fees when possible.

How much do I get for my photo?

Images are typically priced with a fixed number of points, so every time you upload a photo, we charge that amount.

Do my photos ever go “viral”?

You might be asking: What does go viral, and how do we control it? Unfortunately, while we are glad that our images are often getting shared for free (often on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and blogs), we don’t control this. While we are grateful for the thousands if not millions of dollars you’ve sent us, we’re not responsible for any of the content you create, including blog, article, video and photo. Please see our Image Usage and Content Guidelines for guidelines on how to use our images responsibly.

Do you do anything with these image views after the fact, or do they disappear?

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