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This may sound silly to most people, but you can only buy the rewards that are listed here and the website by paying in cash or by PayPal. It is your responsibility to know which products or products you own and which are offered for sale by other people. Please be very careful.

You might also want to consider purchasing an affiliate or product for which you are the author to earn a tiny bit of income.

What does the reward scheme include?

The rewards are designed to keep us coming back to you. For each reward that we give you from here on out, you will be able to purchase a book. The reward scheme will only be active from the 21st, October 2017.

What are the products that you will receive as a reward for your loyalty? What are they?

We will choose rewards that we feel are of the highest quality and worth giving you money for.

The products we choose for our rewards will be published by our team. These will be books, ebooks and audiobooks available on the website.

Are there any other options I can take if I wish to become part of the campaign?

Yes – You can request that we share your reward choice with you via Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, if you are a member of our Mailing list, then you can choose which rewards you want to be listed in to receive an email or phone call once we decide on the products you’d like to be given away.

If you would like to request additional rewards, then please contact us via email, in relation to your reward, then in relation to your selection that you’d like. Please make sure you put that you’d like to be a supporter next to your personal details, to keep it on record and to avoid any errors when the campaign is launched.

What if I don’t buy one of my rewards during the campaign?

No worries! Any remaining proceeds in your account after the funds go out will be converted into a donation to the charity as shown on your account’s donation page. We do this so we can continue running the site without compromising any of our terms of use.

We’ll never take money from any supporter who didn’t pay the reward, including you. If your account has been suspended or restricted, then you’ll be sent an email informing you of this.

However, we will endeavour to pay all contributors by the deadline before you’re notified. Don’t worry! If we have paid

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