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With your account you’ll be able to upload images to your portfolio, but also sell digital assets such as photos, videos and other files. Sell all sorts of products from your portfolio – you’ll be able to give advice about your images, how well they work and sell them in various marketplaces.

What is it doing for me?

There are a variety of reasons people use Photoshop – for beginners trying photography, for pros looking for a professional look and finally for brands seeking to make a splash online. Photoshop is great for anyone of any skill level who wants to be viewed by more potential customers – the more you use your account, the more customers you will find and you’ll be in top position.

One of the best part about attending an Anime convention is the opportunity to get up close and personal with some really fantastic people and have them show off some of their work. That being said, there are some really talented people in the industry that can’t be seen in a room full of fans; it’s their job to do a good job for the fans, and as fans that’s exactly what we’re here to promote. Our first order of business is to get you an interview with one of these awesome individuals.

So who is John Cazale.

John Cazale is best known for working on the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. He is a freelance illustrator, who has worked on an array of popular series from Super Mario to Sailor Moon to The Legend of Zelda. Since his first day working in the industry he’s never looked back. He works with a multitude of different agencies, and is currently the Art Director at A.P. Press, a company he made his start working for under the name Jirou.

His newest projects are with CartoonNetwork and Manga Entertainment; where he can be found in the art department.








What do you do?

I do the same thing I

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