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If you’re ever getting into the habit of making a pot cake at an Italian restaurant or home, you’ll see it all over the pages of this site. We call it the Italian cake, because we love the warm, bubbly texture so much.

As a member of the “How To Cook With The A.Q.A” team, it was time to experiment with the recipe. Our first results were promising, because the recipe actually gave off a buttery flavor in the oven, but was just not as good as the version we cooked at home. We thought, why not take a crack at it at home?

We put a pot of instant potato mush (see links to the recipe below) on the stove. We cooked the meat mixture as we did for the pot cake before, over low heat, until brown. Then we added in 1/3 cup of butter, 3 Tablespoons of breadcrumbs, half a large stick of unsalted butter, a 2-3/4-pound ground beef (1/4 lb. for each person), and 1 cup of milk.

We kept the temperature about 50°F, and let that mixture rise for 20 minutes. When it was fully risen, that’s when we added in the egg yolks.
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Turned out about 80% to 85% of the liquid had been absorbed in the eggs. After cooling the mixture, we added in the rest of the liquid, 1/2 cup of butter, 2 Tablespoons of cream cheese, a whole stick of unsalted butter and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

At this point, the mixture will be about 3 inches thick in diameter. It makes a good pot cake, although the filling may be spread between layers as you serve the cake.

We did taste test the final product, and found that it tasted great. The filling made it a good choice for making dinner, but the egg-yolks were not quite as good as the version cooked at home. The egg-yolks gave a creamier cream than the flour-egg mixture, and more richness. The cream cheese helped to lift the whole mixture up a bit.

I’ll also add that this recipe will make 8-10 standard sized servings (1 pound of dry meat equals 8-10 servings). If the meat is large or heavy, you

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