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Photoshop retouchers process a photo, removing unwanted colors or other elements that may have obscured other parts of the image, like lines or a face. A retoucher can help a photographer better identify specific parts of a picture such as edges and shapes, and can improve the quality and clarity of images that a photographer might otherwise be unable to see. Most retouchers work by combining multiple color filters to remove or reduce blue or green tones and then retouch (brighten, soften, sharpen) the image. A retoucher makes images of a particular type more realistic and appealing and can help to create a more unique and original image.

How does a retoucher work?

A retoucher works in two primary ways:

Color retouchers take the parts of the picture that they want to highlight and remove them. They work with a separate color palette, and then mix these colors to create a final image.

Retouching retouchers use a Photoshop’s Blur tool to apply different layers to different areas of an image. The final result is usually a smooth color adjustment, but can also be a dramatic change in the color of images (the more dramatic the change, the more intense the retouch).

What does a photo retoucher not do?

A retoucher is not a color adjustment artist! A photo retoucher works with the color of the image, and does not add an additional color filter or other filter that alters the original colors in the image. Retouching retouchers work within the limits of what is allowed by Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing program, and cannot change any aspect of the color of the image to suit themselves. For example, an image retoucher can not apply a hue, gradient, brightness, or saturation to a photo that they have not created through an editing program. Color retouchers are not allowed to alter the color of a picture they have not seen. Retouching retouchers are not allowed to do any of the following:

remove any aspect of an image to suit themselves;

alter the original color values to suit themselves for a particular task. These people should be used for the most intense retouching;

create their own filters and modify the colors they have applied to an image;

use their own software to create edits to an image;

use their own software to alter any aspects to the image to suit their needs, without the

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