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If you wish to have your photograph print-ready for printing: first, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or Illustrator or Photoshop (free) to open it in these open-source software packages. Second, you will need an image transfer protocol, that is, to transfer the file from the computer to your printer’s imaging machine so that it can be scanned. Third, when you’re ready to print your photo, you can use an inkjet printer’s digital ink jet cartridge to print it without the need to convert the image into a printer’s native format. The picture below shows how to print a photograph: first, print in your printer’s native format, then convert it to a vector format. (If you need help with this process, click here to read about Adobe Acrobat’s native file types and the vector tools it offers.)

Can I print my photograph online? Yes. There are many printable online photo, video and book photography templates and software you can use. For example, we have a very popular PDF Photography Template which can be downloaded and used to make a photo or video slideshow. Other excellent digital photo services are Photowise, Photokina and Flickr Photo Sharing; and you can also find a good set of vector photography templates, such as our Vector Photo Template.

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You can also print these photographs online so they will automatically appear in your web browser, as well as in the print media that ships with your computer. For example, you can print your image on Postage stamps, stamps, envelopes, cards, Post-Its, or as a poster. Or, if you prefer, you can print your photo on cardstock or cardboard. When you print digital photos online using a digital photo printing service, the photos are always saved in JPEG format. You can view, save, or print the JPEG versions of your photographs, or they can be opened in a digital photo editing program such as Photoshop; and can be rotated, enlarged, and made to appear as thumbnails on web pages. All your photos will be ready to print when you have clicked send.

Can I use digital photo printing services to copy my photograph to digital files for print? Yes. You can download digital photo printing programs such as Photowise, Photographo 4, PhotoPrint, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more to make copy photos.

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