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Not at all. The advent of digital has unleashed new ways of looking at the world and creating a more expressive, and honest, sense of the way the world works — whether that sense becomes personal or professional.

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That said, there are certain factors that will inevitably diminish the appeal of photography. Most recently, when the Internet became widely accessible, digital imaging techniques enabled people to see and share images of almost anything they want — from cars and homes to people and nature. As digital technology has changed, these techniques have also moved to places they previously were not.

In the first half of the 2000s, many of the leading manufacturers of digital cameras stopped supplying their cameras to major retailers because of declining sales growth. These manufacturers felt that sales growth to major retailers of professional cameras would soon cease. As a result, large-format cameras were no longer in high demand and were less expensive than small-format cameras.

Digital photography has been a crucial part of the digital camera revolution and was a critical factor in the growth of digital cameras. In the next three years, there will be tremendous technological changes in how users take and produce images of the world.

Image copyright SPL Image caption Google’s Street View vehicles are helping to reveal what you might not even see

In addition, there are several new technologies that will come into being that will render cameras useless for the most serious purpose. Cameras that record videos and photographs and are powered by chips with chips in them have been around for a decade, and we will see more of them in the field of digital photography in the coming years.

In that respect, I think the future of digital photography will look a lot different from that of digital photography as a whole. Digital camera users will have access to the new technology, but they will also get to enjoy many of the benefits of digital photography such as low-cost cameras, low-power consumption, and low-cost cameras without a digital shutter.

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