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While this one might look like a photo of a cat, it is actually a work of fiction, designed to sell a new brand of toilet paper.

“There is a story attached to this image,” says Ben Jonsson, director of product management at the Danish brand.

“Some cats have an affinity for water, so I’m thinking the toilet paper might have a story to it as well.”

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Image copyright AP Image caption Many of those photographed in these two ads are black and white, or colourless

These types of advertising are called “selfie” advertisements because they take the viewer on an exploration of their own life.

The latest product of these type of ads has been toilet paper – a product that, quite obviously, has a story behind it.

As the most popular brand of toilet paper in the US, a great many people have the experience of using one, in places as different as New York, LA and Paris. It gives them an idea of who they are and sets the tone for how they look and feel.

But this experience becomes a little more complex, as it makes the human interaction between the advertiser and the consumer feel a bit different too.

“There’s a lot of research around this which talks about how social media helps a social story in the consumer’s mind go along with it,” says Mr Jonsson.

These companies are using an experiment in their advertising – which allows them to capture those “selfie” moments for marketing and profit.

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These are the people who have created these images, and their reactions are going to become a piece of marketing for those products too.

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Perhaps the most striking moment of all is when the camera pans over to get a closer look at the naked people and the people with the camera strapped on their backs.

This is a great way to take a selfie – not only do you see yourself naked, but you get a shot of yourself that looks a little more like you too.

“For this image I didn’t do it at night because I wanted to get the mood of the time from the photographs – the night light was just so moody,” Mr Jonsson says.

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But it isn’t just people being exposed in this

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