Is photography a dying profession? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money

In the US today, there are 4.4 million photographers in the profession. This is an almost 100 per cent increase in less than 20 years. But why is photography so popular?

A few reasons are:

1. The quality of photography now far exceeds that of film and film cameras.

2. Digital cameras now cost about a third of the price of film cameras.

3. The price gap between film and digital cameras is narrowing at a similar rate.

4. Cameras are easier to operate and cheaper to use: no longer are photographers required to lug bulky film cameras around.

And why is the price gap narrowing? Why can a Nikon D3 cost from $2000 to $2000 with a good lens? I am not sure I agree with the argument that digital cameras are going to be cheaper, but maybe it is the price they are going to cost and not how much they are going to cost.

Is the job of the photographer ever going to become less profitable?

In 1950, 70 per cent of photographers spent more than 10 hours a week shooting pictures.

This figure has fallen dramatically.

But does anyone believe that the jobs of an artist are about to become more precarious than they were 50 years ago?

The cost of a film camera today is about $500 more than it was in 1950.

So why does photographers want to do it anymore?

Photography has never been so much about the experience as it seems now. It has always been about the images, but today more and more photographers are doing very personal work:

creating pictures of people that they love.

creating pictures that are not about the people themselves but about their family or friends.

finding creative, unique experiences that are uniquely theirs.

creating the pictures in a way that doesn’t exist in a commercial environment.

creating images that are of a beauty and of beauty that isn’t in the ordinary.

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