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(CNN) Some 20,000 people in the United States have Zika and millions are at risk, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

Health officials are tracking about 1,000 people who have not yet been infected by the virus. But they expect people to get infected in the United States in large numbers over the next several months, if the mosquito that carries the virus can persist.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of people infected over the course of two weeks,” Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, said at an appearance on CNN. “This is a lot, and we are seeing it in areas of the US, but we also know that the mosquitoes are also increasing in abundance.”

He said the agency is working on a vaccine because, in the first year of the outbreak, researchers have identified about 400 Zika cases in the United states. However, because the infection is not transmitted through sexual contact, it is not expected vaccines will be available until sometime in 2018.

Zika is generally transmitted through a mosquito bite, and it only infects babies if the mother has a weakened immune system. More than 500 pregnant women in Brazil were infected by the virus before they were able to deliver in August.

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – State lawmakers are considering a plan that would require all Utah schools to take students who are deaf or hard of hearing after they graduate from high school and require students with speech disabilities to be able to use hearing aids.

State House Speaker Greg Hughes’s proposal would require students to be able to use a hearing aid that was purchased on or before the start of ninth grade, before they graduated from high school and after the end of the sixth grade.

State Senate President Wayne Niederhauser’s bill, which would also require schools to provide children with hearing aids with a variety of options, requires a hearing aid that was purchased on or before the start of ninth grade and before the end of sixth grade.

Hughes said during a school board meeting Wednesday that he wants

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