What’s the most low maintenance dog? – Pet Age Magazine Circulation

The most low maintenance dog is a good dog. I’ve found that the most commonly accepted answer for ‘best’ for a dog is ‘a puppy.’ Some owners get over this, however, and just buy another dog, even an older dog, as long as the new one is of decent quality. I think you shouldn’t have a strict rule that dogs that are under 30 and have spent most of their lives with other dog parents are going to be good pets. I think ‘good’ means a dog that is easy to interact with, playful, fun to work with, and is not overly fearful of humans.

When I think of the ideal dog, I think of a dog that has a long history of obedience training, enjoys being outside and being fed, and has been well-socialized. The best puppy, for me, is one that has never met another pet; one that has never been trained as a puppy; one that has never been exposed to being around other dogs. When I think of a good dog for your family, I think of a little boy who loves to be on the rug on the floor, or a little girl who enjoys being picked up by your husband and played with in the backyard.
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Do you think that when a woman has kittens – or when a man has a puppy – her priority should be her sex?

I believe that having babies and raising puppies are two entirely different experiences, but that people should always consider the needs of their family and their dogs in those decisions. Having babies is never a good option for women who do not have a well-balanced and responsible sex life. It’s much better for your baby to have an older dog, the perfect example of responsible dog, who has been bonded very intensely with its parents for many years and will grow up to be a wonderful, responsible dog for everyone. Having puppies is not only fun and exciting, it’s a fantastic way to raise puppies. Puppies are just like grown children, except they grow up to become some of the smartest, toughest and best working dogs ever.

What is your best advice for the “new dad” at the grocery store?

Try not to get so bogged down in the information or what you have purchased that you forget to pick out something that looks like a dog. And by that I mean don’t be afraid to ask the cashier about what they’re wearing – if you think you have that dog or breed, they won’t hesitate to point it out.

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