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The rover’s work on the lunar surface costs about $11.5 million per month, and WAG (and the agency’s other spacecraft) have about $1 million or so monthly. The agency will not say exactly how much it plans to spend on the mission.

Will WAG and Curiosity cost less to launch than the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter?

Not now.

Why does the Curiosity mission have a rover on the surface?

“We want to see if life can exist on Mars,” said Curiosity project scientist Ashwin Vasavada, “and, if so, what kinds of life would exist. We thought it would be useful to have somebody who was interested in doing those kinds of things on Mars.”

The Opportunity mission currently has a robotic solar-powered robot called Spirit, which, like the Mars rovers, is about the size and shape of a small van and is about 1,500 pounds (500 kilograms). But unlike Spirit, it has a rover that travels on two wheels.

NASA is now in conversations with other spaceflight companies about launching their own space robots to Mars to do similar investigations, and the agency has plans to develop its own rover.

The man who helped create the nation’s first national park and its iconic national wildlife refuge is giving away some of his old stuff. His latest donation comes in the form of a small collection of artifacts from the park.

Flux: Visionary behind South Texas' largest independent ...
Dave Ross, a longtime volunteer and conservationist for the National Park Service, is making some big donations to the National Mall on Saturday, April 22nd. All visitors must be signed in at the entrance and must purchase a full National Park Visitor Pass. Ross will be in attendance to take a few of the items he has collected over the years and sign them as well. (See photos below.)

A few items will be given over to the National Park Service to help cover the costs of preserving the park and its many historical sites.

“I am really not sure how it happened,” he said. “It’s been a pretty amazing journey.”

Ross says he’s excited about his trip to the National Mall as it will help him further his legacy for many parks.

“This is, I feel, a great gift to the community,” he said.

“It’s going to be a good tour for everybody and I think it’s going to really be an educational thing. I don’t think they have enough tours, the National Mall has a lot

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