Do you need a license to sell pets? – Pet Sitting Business Means

Yes. Please call our office at 954-344-2713.

Does I still have to register animals when I sell a pet?

Yes but you need to register it as soon as possible after the pet is sold. You can do it on our website at

What if I fail to register my animals?

We have many ways of handling those animals that have passed away and we are very proactive. If the owner has a law enforcement background for this type of issue, we know how to handle them. If the animal has no records at all, then we will do a search on every known name who can legally claim the animal, or we will find one available and register it legally. If the owner is a public official, we will ask that they take the animal to animal control. If the owner is a member of the clergy we can take the animal to sanctuary and help the animal find a good home. If the owner is a school administrator, we will find an orphan program that can help them provide them an opportunity for a loving career outside of the pet shelter. When this is all done, the owner receives a statement of the case and the paperwork to register the animals.

What is the cost to register to sell animals?

It depends on what you have done. Here is a general range with a recommendation that you can follow.

Do the initial costs include all of the paperwork?

Yes, up to $100.00 for the first animal you sell. After that, it changes, but the total can be as little as $25.00. Many people do not want to start out with this expense. This is because they then need to go through all of their paperwork to register the animals. At this point the costs for doing so are not necessary for any new animal purchase. You can then go after your additional costs for an up to $35.00 per animal registration fee after you pass the initial cost. Please be advised, there is no difference in the cost of animals registered with the Department of Natural Resources.

This can have a major negative effect on the bottom line of your business and you may end up losing some of the profits you had on the animal you sold. So be sure to talk with our office about ways to save your animals so they will not be priced out of the market.

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