What qualifications do you need to be a dog walker? – Dog Related Companies

Some dog walkers do not possess any required training in obedience. In other cases, they do possess all the required types of obedience skills and knowledge. Even if you do not hold an animal certificate, you will be able to be a dog walker if you posses all the required skills.

Do I need to have any formal training in obedience to become a dog walker?

I will not be able to teach dogs in the yard without the appropriate training. If you have not purchased a formal obedience training course, I can help you through the online course.

How long do I need to have some type of formal obedience training?

Although it depends on the length of the dog walker’s training, you should be able to hold a dog at the yard without any additional training required.

I need a certificate that shows I completed a course of training, what forms do I submit?

There are many online forms to submit. We are looking for forms that include the following elements:

1. date completed

2. name of instructor

3. training level of the dog involved

4. name of course you completed

5. name and address of college to register dog with

6. proof of credit

7. training certificate number

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8. number and date of your exam

9. date and method of payment if paying on site

10. email address to contact with further questions

11. name, address and phone number of supervisor and test administrator

12. proof of age

Please note that our exam center at the University of Florida does not accept online exams – only paper and online testing. However, you may visit our online test center if you are unable to attend our training center on your own.

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