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The answer is yes — for a reason. If you look only at the number of pet shops in a country, you may not see the business being well run. But one important aspect is that when you do, you will see that they are well run, they pay well, there are a significant number of cats or dogs in their stores, they employ people with different skills, they often have the best veterinary care available. They care about their animals and are concerned with their safety and well-being, they are careful to provide them with clean environments, and they have policies in place to treat any injuries that a dog or cat may have, from small punctures to major injuries. When we look at how this works, we see, first of all, how good the pet shop is at its job. Because they are not taking orders, they do not have many customers, they have to have many more employees than their competitors do to meet the demand and there is no guarantee they will be able to meet all of them over the course of a year, but when we look at the number of pets that they treat each year, and how they handle injuries that they prevent, we see that this is a very profitable business. How do they manage the number of pets they treat each year? It depends on the size of their business. Smaller businesses could do without a large number of employees or be willing to hire them for less pay, and they could be more concerned with their own safety. And it also depends on the size/number of the dogs/cats that they treat. The smaller the business, the fewer services they are able to provide each year, and the more likely they are to be providing veterinary care for dogs and cats, even though they are unable to handle a large number of the animals they need.

How much do pet shops make in a given year, again depending on the size of the business. They certainly earn a lot in sales tax, even if they do not get any profits from the tax; the higher costs of treating animals, for example, could also cause them to have an unusually high tax rate, but if they are able to pay their employees more than their competitors, that in turn can help drive home revenue.

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When the tax is collected, who pays it? Who really pays? Is the tax on the pet shop to be paid by those who take the animals out of their home or the pet shop’s employees and employees’ employers, or are the tax also paid by the owners of the

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