Do you have to pay taxes for Rover? – Pet Care Business Plan

No, you don’t. If you were a company doing business with Rover or the UK tax authorities there have to be special rules about using Rover’s name and images – but there’s no need to pay any tax for doing so. If you use a name other than Rover on your business you would have to pay VAT on the value of any goods manufactured and distributed from your business.

If Rover did provide the goods on their behalf (like, if you’re selling a sofa or washing machine, etc.) you would have to pay the value of those goods plus VAT. If the supply is for the purpose of transporting goods with Rover, you must keep a register of the goods sold.

What about car brands, like Lexus and BMW?

Rover provides its cars on behalf of its buyers, not for commercial purposes. If you make a sale, you must report it as a sale of goods and pay the sales tax, and pay tax for the value of the car, from your business income, not on income from a business.

If someone else pays you to do a job you do as a director of a car brand you will owe tax on the whole sale as a tax-free business. This includes selling your car to another company if you’re doing so on behalf of another company (like if another company buys your car from you, for example – that company has to pay VAT on sales revenue). This is known as tax avoidance.

What if I make a vehicle and use Rover’s logo to market it and advertise?

If you make a vehicle and advertise it through Rover’s own websites, websites in car shows, TV, newspapers or magazines, you will have to pay for the use of Rover’s logo. You do not have to pay VAT or income tax on profits from the selling of your car.

What if I drive a Rover branded vehicle through London? What about the local authorities?

This should not be a problem: as long as you make the sale to someone else, the local authorities will not want to tax your profit from the Rover vehicle in London, where you are doing your job without the profit going to you. You can, of course, report the sale through Rover’s website. If any use of Rover’s logo or name is being made for commercial purposes, as for example when advertising to consumers for a particular Rover car, you need to use the registration of the car in London, such that the local authorities know who else is using the

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