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A number of studies indicate police officers can make a nice chunk of change off of their work. There were some instances where police dogs were actually able to make money by selling their services to animal shelters in addition to the time they’re already spending on a busy day. But for general dogs in the field, those figures can be very low.

In most cases, most police departments do not offer any kind of employment benefits to their dogs. If you’re thinking about starting a dog work program, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind before jumping in:

Some people have tried to start their own police dog work programs, but they never seem to last. Police departments have a history of getting sued when their dogs are in distress or if they do something wrong. If you’re thinking about doing what seems like a great idea, get your ducks in a row with some legal documents.

Some people do use police dogs for security purposes, but these are usually the same dog that makes their job better by helping with crime solving or apprehending suspects.

But for police dogs who are used primarily for police work and are being paid for it, it can be a lucrative business. The dog’s handler may work a long hours, and the dog may have had a lot of stress, but it’s still a very rewarding job.

You could also use your dog for things like law enforcement training or to find lost people and animals.

How much to get a dog?

A lot of people think their dog should be a lot more expensive then their regular dog, which is not always the case. When you look at the prices for some of the more famous police dogs, they can be reasonably priced. For example, the dog used to hunt Osama Bin Laden, who was said to be $1 million. When the dog was first used, it was the most expensive dog ever to be used by the United States Secret Service, which is also a pretty solid case for the quality of that dog.

There could be some caveats to all of this:

Do you know that the costs of a police dog can vary greatly depending on where you live? Some animals may cost more outside of the US, while in states like Pennsylvania, they may be as low as $200.

As always, your local authorities have certain policies when it comes to animals in their custody so you should be able to find out which area they live in.

Your dog may be confiscated due to criminal

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