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Dog sitters average $8.95 an hour according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics — and a lot of them make less.

Here’s how the average dog sitter earned his or her weekly wage. Dog owners are paying, so the dogs are the ones driving the earnings. It takes about 90 to 120 minutes per day for a dog sitter to sit with a patient, which is why a lot more sitters are getting in front of people while they’re still in the bathroom.

Dog Sitters are most common in small communities such as large towns, but they also work in urban areas, and they’ll even sit with people in their cars.

In the US, more than 1,700,000 sitters work in the medical field, according to the AP. And in 2007, there were an estimated 1 million dog sitters.

Is there a median earnings per sitter?

That’s the question we all want to know: The AP found that the minimum wage for a dog sitter is $7.15. That means that the average dog sitter in America should be earning $19.86 a week.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics says the average minimum wage for a full-time daycare worker is $15 an hour.

This can bring a lot of problems for an employer like Domino’s Pizza. The company would hate to have a dog sitter that makes less than their workers.

“The more people that want to earn more money, they have to work harder to do so,” Domino’s Pizza President and Chief Operating Officer Rob Collins told NBC News. “Our business just can’t afford to have any less employees because people are unwilling to work long hours.”

Is there a difference between dog sitters and wait staff?

Wait staff are paid the same as dog sitters, but they’re also in a position that many people wouldn’t think to take over. The average wait staff earns $15 an hour, but they’re required to take off two or more consecutive days of vacation for the same reason.

It’s important to note that wait staff are also employed by a company and they’re not directly on-call.

Do you consider your dog a pet? A service animal?

It’s good to have a dog sitter if you need the service animal, even if your dog isn’t one.

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