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There are specific limits to how many dogs each individual can carry. The exact amount depends on several factors, including:

the weight of the dog

the age of the dog

the size of the dog

the breed of the dog

the size and weight of the dog

the amount of time the dog spends with you

Other factors that will determine the size of the bag include:

how much food you can hold for the dog

the quantity of poop you can dump (called “dog poop”) in the bag

the number of people in the area including babies, toddlers, kids, etc.

A common concern with large dogs is the amount of waste that goes into the bag along with all the food you have, thus making it hard for the dog to drink.

How many pet cans can I carry?

There is no maximum number of pet cans you can carry, but what you choose to put in the first can will help you determine whether this is a safe option for your puppy. Check out this video of “dogs and kids” as well as this list of “maximum” pet cans.

What do owners say after they have carried their pet for months?

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If you have been carrying your pet for some time, ask owners what their thoughts are after carrying for such a long time.

Some say it gives them peace of mind that they have a place where they can keep all their animals. And they think they will have to give the pets a break on occasion during the long haul! If you keep the pet on a short leash (especially a short-haired or poodle-type dog) it is likely that will be the case. The owner who can handle a huge dog may be too tired from walking the dog to do much with it!

But other owners say it gives them peace of mind. These are:

Pregnant ladies also might enjoy the security that they have a space to sleep.

Some owners also enjoy the peace for the dog on long walks because it is rare to have a dog come to the property without being followed in the neighborhood.

Many owners believe this is like having an additional bedroom or a private den. The owner may be unaware they might have more space and time.

If you are looking for a specific way to carry your dog, we recommend you contact Litter-Piper to discuss your specific requirements. Our experts are available to answer your

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