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In Texas, no — the state law states, “No person shall operate a dog on a public highway for the purpose of preventing animals from escaping from livestock or poultry pens, paddocks, or other areas where dogs may be dangerous.”

However, a dog owner can keep their dog off the road when it is not protecting livestock or poultry.

What are the benefits of having my dog on a road?

The benefits of having my dog on a road include:

Safety- a dog may act as a safety deterrent by reminding people of animals that can be dangerous, thus preventing them from driving.

Freedom of movement- being on the road prevents a driver from being distracted by a person in the vehicle, leading to accidents that may be attributed to human error.

Ease of transportation- dogs allow you flexibility through not having to change into a new one before you leave a business.

What if I have an unlicensed dog?

In Texas, it is illegal to own a dog that is not under the control of a licensed person. A dog that poses an unreasonable risk (e.g., is a dangerous dog) is also punishable. The laws for unlicensed dogs are found in the Texas Penal Code of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure at Section 10.41.030.

While there have been instances of dog owners driving unlicensed dogs on roads, other incidents of dog owners driving unlicensed dogs or dogs that are off-the-road have been documented and reported throughout Texas.
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