How do I write an ad for dog walking? – Pet Business Software

In order to write an ad for dog walking, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Review the Dog Walking Guide’s Dog Breed List to get a handle on a dog’s breed.

Step 2 – Download and print out the complete Dog Walking Guide from the link below (we encourage you to have it available on your computer so you can work through the guide online).

Step 3 – Get a picture of yourself, your dog and an adult dog (preferably one your own) that are happy, healthy, and happy-go-lucky.

Step 4 – Make up a short story, preferably short and sweet, about you and your dog that will draw the reader in (the details and how to write it will be explained in step 5).

Step 5 – Once a person falls into step six, write it on a Post-It Note. Then stick it to another Post-It Note and continue adding more Post-It Notes to fill out your story. Make sure to fill out the story correctly and include all information and the full picture of the dog so you can quickly explain everything in the story.

Step 6 – If you like, make a drawing of the dog and use that to fill in the rest of the story about the dog – it will help draw the readers into the story. We suggest drawing the dog from your imagination, not your face; we think drawing the dog should feel more like you are taking the dog to a happy birthday than a sad one.

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