Do you need a license to wash dogs? – Pet Shop Business Ideas In Tamil

Yes No

Which is more important, a car or a dog? Cat Animal Pet Dog

Which of these are better pets to have when you have a job? Cat Animal Pet Dog Cat Cats catscats

What size dog do you like to have when you travel? 4 – 6 6 – 6

What do you like most about puppies? Small and fluffy Soft and cuddly Medium and tall Large and tall

What does the average person do with their dog? Sleep Teach Play Fight Walk Play Hide Play

What makes a dog a dog? Agility Agility agility agility

What do you like most about your dog? Loyalty and obedience Respect and loyalty

Which is the most difficult task a dog can do and why? Stand on all fours Search Search search
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Which food is the best for your dog? Puppy’s food Puppy’s food Puppy’s food

Which breed of dog do you have? Pit Bull Pit Bull Pit Bull Pit Bull

Which of these do you have in a house? Kitchen sink sink wash sink

Who is your favorite dog and why? Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear

Does a dog need to be spayed or neutered? Yes No

Is it a good idea to keep a dog indoors when you go on vacation? Yes No

What is your favorite time to take a vacation? Weekend Weekend Weekend Weekend

Which of these are most useful animals? Horses Horse Horse Horse

What is one of your all time favorite books? The Brothers Karamazov: A Life in Fiction The Brothers Karamazov: A Life in Fiction The Brothers Karamazov: A Life in Fiction

What do you often wear in your everyday outfit? Socks Shoes Shoes Socks Shoes

What is your favorite holiday? Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Chinese New Year

Who is your favorite Disney character? Donald Duck Donald Duck Donald Duck

When it comes to toys, what do you think your puppy will like the most? Toys Toys Toys Toys

How do you keep your dogs quiet, away from other dogs and humans: Sit and stay sit Sit and stay sit Snuggles Snuggles Snuggles Snuggles

Can a dog be a good guard dog? Yes No

Which of these can help keep a person safe on an airplane? The back of the head The back of the hands The back of the neck The back of the throat The back of the elbows (only if

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