How can I start my own dog business? – Pet Sitting Business Insurance Australia

Do you know anyone who is interested in starting up their own pet care service in Austin, Texas?

“We have been in business in Austin since 1992. I started my company by doing business through my family. Through my brother, I went to school for animal management and eventually did a master’s in animal care. By 1999, we had about 300 customers and five different locations with 30 employees. The owners had started to worry about the business. At that time, we were trying to sell the dogs for adoption. We sold out within a day. The dog market in the city is a mess because of the number of pet stores and shelters running and the number of dogs being surrendered because they think they are sick when they don’t have the proper diagnosis. ”

You started out as a wholesaler and then you bought out. Can you explain the differences?

“We tried to buy the store at one point. We tried to buy the business at one point but then the owners didn’t want to take all their inventory and sell it to us. Then another reason was because we were a wholesaler. They didn’t want to take everything. So we thought, Why don’t we buy the businesses at a discount and start new businesses, so the owner could still make his living. We had that idea for years. We tried to buy the Austin store in 1994 but the business didn’t sell well. We bought the business in 2003 and took care of it by taking all of the inventory. But we didn’t want to stay in a storefront. We realized that the only way to get more business from the existing business was to keep our location on the west side. With the new owner came a fresh start to keep the business going.”

Can you talk about the dog business that you started and how you plan to expand in the future?

“Dog businesses in Austin are pretty small so we have decided to start some more in the future. We have two stores to help make up for lost business. We’re not going to just grow into a business. We’ll just go to the next business where the owners need dogs for an urgent emergency. We’re going to help them in whatever way we can.”

How do you feel about the state of dogs in Texas? Do you find that any dog is treated much differently than other dogs? How do you feel about what is being said about dog owners?

“I feel that what’s being said about dog owners has to stop. A dog owner isn

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