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Because: There’s an increase in dogs getting bitten by owners to the point that owners are getting in trouble!

One of the most common arguments is that dogs are just going to bite your hand or paw. The problem is that they aren’t.

One bite to the hand can be enough for an owner to take a good look at their pet. With a retractable leash, there is one person holding you. There’s another person on the leash. There’s another dog with the leash. With the retractable leash, it takes a moment for dogs to get a chance to attack you. Dogs can be very good at running away. What’s more, dogs can be incredibly smart, not very cautious and not overly curious.

There are a lot of problems caused by owners who have retractable leashes. A leash can become caught in your pockets or on the ground. A leash can lose its leash when you get behind a car. A leash can get caught on the belt that you wear on your belt. A leash gets caught in your shoes or on the dog’s legs. And finally, the dog and you are both sitting in the exact same place (that is to say, your dog is in front) in the car and the dog jumps on your back and your dog throws your jacket down – well, those should all be problem situations. And they are problems just like the bite. It’s just very, very hard to tell if your dog has been bitten and should be removed from your property.

If your dog doesn’t bark and barks, the leash should be removed. If your dog barks and barks, then the leash should be removed. But with retractable leashes, there’s no way you’ll be able to determine immediately whether your dog is biting you. The leash can get caught in a pocket, on the ground, on your belt, on you, or on the dog. You never know.

Why are there so many complaints about retractable leashes? It’s because this breed of dog has to wear a harness. If you like your leashing loose and on your arm, it’s okay, but you’ll have to tighten it to make sure the dog doesn’t just get in your pocket on his own. And then once you’re on your back, you’ll have to tighten and replace the harness and get the leash pulled tight to prevent him from getting away. It’s not easy.

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