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Joss Whedon (@josshewitt)

If you want to find the best of any genre, try the greatest thing there is: fantasy! Magic. The best kind of magic. Magic where things just happen — the stuff of magic porn, if you will, for real science fiction fans. The kind of magic where the magical item or creature is just one bit of technology, and you could do without it.

Magic doesn’t have its own set of rules. It has an underlying philosophy, but it’s up to the reader to make sense of what that philosophy is. In the old days, we only had one rule, and that was to stay away from magic. In the age of magic porn, that rule has been broken, and it’s up to the reader to figure out what’s going on, and what it means about them and their world, and whether they have an ethical responsibility to use magic wisely. I think that’s a lot to be expected from writers who are so well acquainted with the ways the world works — who have read hundreds of books and seen hundreds of movies and TV shows and heard all, and know what kind of magic is available to us and how to use it wisely.

The biggest problem I had with magic porn was that the magic was often done out of left field — not just a well-known character like Harry Potter but other obscure characters, like the Time Lord or the Time Lady from the X-Files, or someone else’s character. I think we might look back at it as a really lame attempt to try to make a movie out of some characters from the comics they could have made up, or to add more magic to a character that was already really cool, rather than a whole novelisation of them being written about.

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On the topic of magic porn, can you tell us a little bit about the concept of the world of H. G. Wells.

Whedon: Before his death we were trying to write a novel where the protagonist and the antagonists were each trapped inside their own world and could see only the world outside. At least that’s what we had in mind. So, that worked pretty well, but it wasn’t great. If the world outside were a big, multi-dimensional magical realm we couldn’t get a glimpse of it at all because that would be silly. Plus, to get a glimpse would require taking the protagonist and the antagonist to completely different worlds, so the only way to pull out the audience’s imagination would

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