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Is there a special black magic book worth buying?

There are no easy answers. We’ve been to many famous locations with black magic and can tell you that the locals know as well as or better the real people. The locals know things in their own language, and the English translations are always quite good, usually in two or three sentences. The best we’ve found about black magic are the tales of black mages. The main theme is that black magic is very powerful, and those powerful wizards have the ability to alter the weather anywhere in one hour, for some specific days, and at any time of the year. The locals will tell you, it’s only the local superstition that keeps it from being better known, though they don’t think anyone would be foolish enough to do it anyway.

How can you tell that a black magic spell will be good for you, if it looks so simple? The locals can tell you because it looks different. The spell itself may seem magical at first sight, but it’s not. Many mages, having done many long-term trials, can tell you, if the time period is right, if the spells are good and they can have a good effect on you, how they will be good on you.

How can you tell if you’ve been in “black magic?” Most black magic spell will have to be learned, and many people do not have the right spell to make them. The locals will tell you, it comes naturally to people in their native tongue. Many magic spells that are available will be easy to learn and use; others are more difficult. So if you are going to take a spell off the market because it looks good but is not good with other spells, be sure to ask. It is a shame not to be able to learn a spell of your own tongue or to choose the right spell for yourself.

How should I know if I am in “black magic”? The locals can tell you, it is often the way of the locals when in trouble. You may be asked to perform some difficult ritual, and the locals may be more careful than normal, and not ask you to do anything that you would regret, or that they can’t tell you the answer to for themselves. That is, it is a very poor measure. The only way to know the answer is to be able to read the signs, such as the ones on objects and the like, and to speak with others who can. Otherwise you’re on your own.

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