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Where were gods? It was an endless stream of knowledge that he wanted and the gods and the gods knew it. He knew it and he wanted it…but he never knew what it was. It all seemed so far beyond his current understanding now. What was it?

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He had always known he had powers, they came from being gifted by the gods. Those gifts had been powerful and they were the reason he had been born into the world. But what could have created the power of the gods and what could be such a power beyond his conception? The same powers that he saw around him as they passed through his father’s body. That was what made him afraid to ask those simple questions anymore, it was like asking a ghost!

‘They are just shadows.’

Tears had started to fall from his eyes, he had to hide it under his arms from the people in the church who were already beginning to approach him and yell angrily. But he could not hide them forever, they were not going away and his father’s death had not passed away…

“Are you mad that your father was killed?”

In his defense…he was not. He had made a plan for the future…there were more children than just him and they might turn into the same, like his mother. He had made a plan. The only way he could see to avoid that was to be more careful about asking questions!

It would be bad to be called a fool…

“It was because my father was the king of an unknown kingdom, but the king was a bad king.”

“Don’t tell me you think you are a king?”

“Yeah…it’s a lot to think about…but it’s true.”

One by one others people had started approaching, trying to hug and hug him for the first time in this nightmare. Their eyes were watering, this was a dream, there was nothing to remember, but he would look at them and try to convince them.

“If you were a king, and they had come to kill you, you’d at least be a decent ruler.”

They were still standing there shaking because they could not believe what was happening.

“So what do you think? Did I just die in the king’s palace and a king dies…?”

He had a feeling they wouldn’t be able to believe that. But he did want to tell them…

“Don’t worry, you’re not

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