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Telekinesis is the ability from your character to control and move objects, such as rocks or cars. Power of Telekinesis is only available to characters with certain traits. Ability to Telekinesis is not affected by fatigue, thirst, starvation, disease, or physical damage. It’s a great skill to develop and develop your character with.


Ascension is a skill to develop as you level up. It increases your chance to get bonuses from items you find. It also makes your weapons last longer.

Combat Skill

Main article: Combat skill

There are three combat skills, all of which allow you to improve your offensive damage.

You can also build a passive skill that helps with damage dealt via your weapon skills.

In addition, there are many skills that you can gain in combat and that you’ll be able to use for both offensive and defensive uses.

This will go into more detail in the Skills section.

Skills and Skills

The four categories of skills are Combat, Inventory, Ranged and Melee. You’ll also gain skills as you level up.

Combat skills is the most important skill in the game. You must learn it, if you want to be able to fight. The combat skill allows you to control monsters more safely and help you to attack stronger enemies safely. This skill will be of great use in the first few levels, but more power is needed later down the road.

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