What is nature magic called? – Easy Magic Tricks For Kids Step By Step

“Nature magic” is just a word, you can try for yourself, but if you have not heard it, then you must ask you parents.

“I cannot believe you are talking about nature magic!”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then what is it?”

“What you just said was nature magic.”

“What’s a natural magic?”

“It’s a spell.”

“What sort of spell?”

“It’s called a magic spell!”

It is a strange sounding word, isn’t it? Is it like a flower or something?

“No, you are right, I am wrong.”

“No, you are right, you said that ‘nature magic’ is a spell.”

“A spell and a magic spell are two separate things.”

It is so strange. I wonder why? If I say “a magic spell” you want to believe me, so you think magic spells are real. If I say “a magic spell” you want to believe me, so you think “a magic spell.”

“What else is nature magic?”

“Nature magic?”

“Yes, ‘nature magic’, as it is called.”

“So nature magic is real, you are saying?”


“Then tell me something else.”


“‘Nature magic’, you said.”

I can see where this will lead me. Do you know nature magic? I will ask once more.

“Don’t believe everything I tell you. I am a human too, who has never seen nature magic.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means I do not know of any nature magic that can be taught, and in spite of my lack of knowledge, I will try my best.”

What? Do I need to know about the nature of magic?

“Nature magic is what happens after I have used the magic spell that you just created, which I am now telling you.”

“What is magic?”

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“Magic is a special kind of magic. Magic is a magic spell that I created, and it is a magic spell that can give one some ability to do something.”

“And what is that spell?”

“It is called the magic spell “Nature magic”. It is a magic spell that I can teach you. A magic spell is a

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