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Magic may seem to be a word that comes under the umbrella of science fiction, but the science of magic is not confined to the domain of science fiction. Magic is a very traditional concept in the culture of the world and the tradition is far older than the science of magic, although the concept of magic is more widely used in literature today, in some of the stories dealing with the supernatural. The tradition of magic can be traced back to ancient Egypt and as far as the Middle Ages onward, and is a fundamental part of the religion of the Christian church as well as of the Hinduism. The tradition has also been expressed in many cultures where magic is represented with religious symbols, including the ancient Greek, Norse, and Roman deities. The word “magic” also is the name of a type of divination process that uses what is termed a “knot.” In these types of divinations, what is called “the knots” are placed in certain objects, and depending on what the knot is connected to, what magical effect is produced. The following description of the use of magic may perhaps shed a more adequate light on these types of divinations and magic in general. It is the intent of the writer and author to attempt to give a detailed understanding of this basic idea of magic. The reader should know and understand that magic is a very complex system where the various pieces are all connected through several “spells” or “layers” that must occur in any given instance in order to create the desired outcome. The reader should also accept that this knowledge is provided as a basic and not a substitute for knowledge presented in the text. The readers should understand the importance of the role that the caster of magic is expected to play in the development, organization, and performance of a spell. The reader should understand that, in the vast majority of cases, the purpose of casting a spell is not to alter or improve a natural phenomenon in the realm of life but to make an object more attractive to a certain type of persons. This is particularly true of spells which are meant to achieve some desired transformation in the appearance, character, and/or behavior of one’s self. The basic rules governing the use of magic differ depending on the cultural context in which the spell is cast. However, in general the magic of Middle Eastern and European cultures is not as rigid as that of the more modern cultures of Asia and America, in which spells are not as often used to achieve more complex tasks. Some spells are considered to be more specific than others, or are performed with more

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