Is telekinesis a real thing? – Simple Magic Tricks For Kids With Instructions For Form

Yes, the term “telekinesis” can be considered a generic synonym for “telekinetic” in the world of comic books and film. One of the earliest examples of this term being used in print was in 1940’s Batman #1 by Edmond Hamilton and Jimmy Palmiotti.

The Batman team is sent searching for the man who killed an alien warrior named Piotr Kruminov. They track the “hero” down and confront him over the fate of one of Piotr’s body parts. Kruminov escapes to another dimension and uses telekinesis to cause Batman’s plane to crash into the ground.

If this was a TV show, the audience could be the heroes. It wouldn’t be funny at all, but it’d be very much in keeping with the spirit.

Why isn’t telekinesis a real thing?

No one has ever actually demonstrated that telekinesis exists. Since the mid 1900’s there has always been debate about what “telekinesis” would actually be, and in recent years researchers have been trying to come up with a scientifically acceptable definition.

So why does nobody use telekinesis as a genre trope other than comic books and film? And why is this considered a real phenomenon in comic books?

The common response to this question is that telekinesis is a real thing.

That’s true, but what kind of “real” is that? A superhero is supposed to possess a supernatural ability and “telekinesis” is an everyday tool that can be found in most everyday household items, most famously on some cars (see the car in the “Fist of Fury” issue.

The more serious concern is that when we use the term “telekinesis” in general, it’s used to mean a super supernatural ability. What happens to “real” magic and superhuman abilities if you limit them to the supernatural? For example, if a superhero is an immortal, all power to him. This is a common misunderstanding of the term as well as a common misunderstanding of all supernatural powers.

What about “telekinesis” as a genre trope?

On the contrary, there is a huge difference between being a super hero who can control objects with telekinesis and being a fictional character whose superpower is “telekinesis,” so let’s take a look…

…and see if we can make the

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