How does magic work? – How To Do Magic Tricks For Kids Simple Songs

The magician sees something magical.


The magician asks.

If magic is real, then there shouldn’t be many things that are seen, but there are.

Even if it doesn’t exist yet, it will exist eventually.

No one can imagine what magic must look like, but if that is true, then magic must be something that people can see.

There are also things which are real that are seen.

If there are things whose true existence we can’t see, then they’re not magic.

Since magic isn’t something which we can see, it’s not possible to create something to see Magic.

There are also things that can only be seen by being magical; there are also things which only be seen when there is something magical in their vicinity.

The magician sees these things, and magic happens to them.

“When I do what I do, it’s just like that.”

When a magician does something, his appearance changes.

In order to be able to do what he does, he must have different appearances. The reason for this is because it’s impossible for him to know his own body. He can only look at what is in front of him.

Magic is something which isn’t something you can see with the eyes.

This is a difference between magic and the phenomena of the ordinary world. It doesn’t matter what the world looks like to one with “magical eyes”, and what there is is what exists.

“What I do, it’s just like that?”

The magician said in a soft voice.

The magician is a normal human that can see what’s in front of him. That’s why the magician in front of him can’t change anything. When it’s impossible for him to change anything, he doesn’t try to do anything.

As long as he can’t change, what matters is to continue to watch and see what’s there.

This is how magic works.

It’s exactly like that.

Magic is something that doesn’t look like that.

It’s just like something that someone sees in a dream.

No, there’s nothing more to say of it.

“Do what you do for only an instant, until you’ve seen it for an instant’s duration, and until then, magic disappears. You don’t need magic to see it, so why not

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