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For one you have to keep the face-down coin, so it’s not exposed when you change it. For the other half you just need to place the coin on a table and keep it close to the table with the face-up coin on the table. You simply need to lift the coin as little as possible so that it disappears completely. Now when you change coins on the left, make sure you change the face-up coin first – you don’t want to reveal it when you change it on the right!

How do I change coins without using a coin changer?

You can still do the trick without using a coin changer, but you have to do it in a different way. Since coins are a precious metal, they are always precious. Thus a coin changer is absolutely useless. You have to use a coin changer to change more than one piece if you want to change as many coins as you want at one time. Just place the entire series of coins you want to change on the table, and change them all as one unit. When you stop looking at the coins, all you will see is that one of the coins became silver. So if it’s gold and you remove it, you will be left with a single silver coin because the last one is silver. It’s just as if the last one was gold.

How many coins can I change at one time?

You have to change the coin at least once before it disappears completely, but not more than 40 at a time. You will also find it’s much faster to use smaller numbers of coins. So if you change more than 4 gold coins in one go you will get rid of 3 coins, not 4.

How many gold coins do I need to change for it to be done correctly?

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You need to change a minimum of 40 gold coins. For this in a go you only need to switch 40 coins, so if your coin changer goes out you just replace it with the one from the next go. You can always just switch a coin if you change a coin in the turn you are playing – in effect you only need to switch 40 times. If you change 40 coins in a turn where the last coin turned gold, then it has to turn silver.

What does the term “Gold” mean?

Actually not much – the original meaning was something like “silver gold” which doesn’t make much sense now, since it’s a metal. Instead “gold

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